Errant and Trailing

These things are worthy of obsessive attention, of having a life built around them.

This afternoon, the first newspaper we produced in my term as Editor in Chief was rated the best weekly tabloid in the nation. We transformed the tabloid into a monthly magazine over the summer, and our inaugural issue was rated 3rd best feature magazine in the nation. And this came on the heels of a damn Pacemaker for ‘12-‘13! Joey, Christine, Julie and Randy: working with you guys has been inspiring and enlightening. I love you all. And to all the Spinnaker staff responsible for bringing a Pacemaker back to our campus, none of us were really aware of it, but apparently we’re pretty fucking good. (at New Orleans ACP Conference)

Too much heart for one barroom, and not enough for the recognition of the swaths of costumed ingrates out on the the streets. Regardless, they’ve won hearts, and posthumously gratified. These devotees are the Caesar Brother’s Funkbox. @caeasabrother’s #Nawlins #nola #collegemedia #collegemedia13 #unrequitedlove #jazz (at Vaso)

An impromptu brass blowing and drum bumping collaboration between the group, and others who came from foreign countries and/or stumbled out of a taxi with trumpets in hand and notes in throat. (at Frenchmen’s Street)

Making myself at home.
Photo // @elcapitanharn. #latergram #nofilter #fuckhashtags #sorryhashtags #weloveyouhashtags